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Bringing fitness & faith together has opened my eyes and heart to a community of women all walking similar paths.  When I look in the mirror, I now see a gift,  an opportunity to use it to share the gospel.  When I open my eyes during a spin class I see women of all ages and fitness abilities opening their ears and hearts to hear the gospel and I am using my body and my spiritual gifts as a vessel.

I've opened my heart to others more than I ever have before on my spin bike.  Welcoming and sharing my personal wins and losses with these women in hopes that they can relate and find hope in it.

Physical fitness is no longer about fitting into the right jeans or how I look in the mirror... it's about using it to ground my emotions, ground my struggles, ground my heart in my personal time so that I am able to lift up others and spread the gospel when teaching a BOLD class. 

Morgan Holzhauer


Fitness started out to be a way of coping, healing and "survival".  As I fought my way through the pain of postpartum depression, miscarriage and two stillborn baby girls, a year apart.  I knew I needed something more than just "fitness".  I needed a new outlet as a way to overcome the pain that only "temporarily" faded during my 30 minute workouts.

 The Lord has blessed me with a healthy body and love for fitness, which allowed me to recycle the pain of loss and trial into something more. 

     It has led me to my new found love of worshiping and growing in Jesus, along side other women in the midst of everyday life and trials.  I am so grateful the Lord has allowed me to be part of sharing His glory. 

Brittney Holzhauer

From our BOLD

This ministry has been a wonderful blessing to me as I have found that the Word of the Lord and excersise are what I need in my life to feel better mentally and physically. Morgan, Brittany and Jacqueline have said yes to the Lord and His plan. All three of these ladies have the an amazing God given gift to have the stamina to ride along side the ladies in their class, while proclaiming the life giving Word of God!

Growing up in a Catholic Church which was “messy” to put it nicely it’s been hard to find my footing in truth. I tried for years but then the enemy would creep in with intrusive thoughts. My husband has helped me grow spiritually in great ways. When I found the bold community, however, I felt so called to step out of my own mess and join something bigger to learn from women like myself who have messes, are busy, are moms and show up for themselves and to hear the truth. Exercise has always been my safe place and it keeps my mental state healthy but I typically workout from home doing my own thing. Joining the Bold community has led me to new friendships and knowing the Lord on a more personal level. It’s not easy and I know I’ll still stumble but it’s so nice to come back to Him and a community which lets me grow spiritually, mentally and physically. You feel the love and joy in the classes when you walk in and the Holy Spirit is in that gym. It has brought so much joy to me in the few short weeks I’ve been attending.

-K. Miller

My testimony regarding "Joy" is best explained by Kay Warren in her book "Choose Joy Because Happiness Isn't Enough". Her quote is very profound; "Joy is the settled assurance that God is in control of all the details of my life, the quiet confidence that ultimately everything is going to be all right and the determined choice to praise God in all things." This has helped me considerably especially after being widowed twice by the time I was 52. Thank you Brittany and Morgan for the great workout that benefits my body and my mind! Blessings to all

-L. Frank

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