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Hey all! 🖐️ A few important updates / reminders as we approach the last month of BOLD for the spring session

  1. Scroll to the bottom of our website to see the video we shared with our congregation!

  2. Good Friday is almost here and we are SO excited ! 6:00 & 6:45 ( RISE UP EVENT)

  3. What's a RISE UP event ? We wanted to be able to use our ministry to bless a family each year . So we kindly ask that you donate 5$ when you ride on 4/7, 5/1, and 5/4. During these events we also encourage you to ride your hardest ! BOLD will match your dollars to miles to earn more money to donate . This year We will be blessing a friend , Sam and her 3 young children who suddenly lost their husband and dad . If this is a financial burden for you please DO NOT hesitate to join up during these events, just ride 5 extra miles after class 😉 kidding .

  4. The final spring ride will be MAY 4th for the morning classes

  5. We are working on a few summer pop ups and different events and will share them soon!

  6. Remember the daily HOLY WEEK Challange Britt shared🔼 it's still Monday , not to late to listen

That is all for now! See you all on the bike ❤️ 🚲


Crystal Pannell
Corinne Bridges
Jennifer Palmer
Rebecca Haines
Corinne Bridges
Apr 03, 2023

The video is amazing! I love hearing the testimonies!!!!! Thank you, Morgan and Britt!!!!!! ♥️♥️♥️



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