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Just added two at home rides to our video library! These $ 5.50 donations will help with technology and space advancements and to help grow the fitness and faith ministry beyond the 4 walls of our church!

We look forward to continue to build this ministry as God calls us !!

  • Hey friends! We have a small but mighty crew tonight due to back to school night.

    That being said, I will STILL be teaching -- if you are coming and have a mat available bring it 😊 we will be switching it up and incorporating some upper body off the bike ! See you @ 6:30!!

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    #glorychasers ❤️ great first two classes back !

    Check out the podcast above for a deeper dive into The glory of God ! Excited to hear from Jacqueline , Amber & Corinne as they share on Glory to Him as well!

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    Hey all! I wanted to check in and share where fellow BOLD sister Melissa Houghton and I are this week because it's so similar to our mission. Our boys are getting the chance to bring dirtbikes and Jesus together at Motocross for Christ camp. This is us praying at the starting gates at 7am before devotions and lots of riding 🙏🏼 We may not have showers or electric for a few days but we are soaking up every minute of this awesome ministry for the whole family!

    They ask the boys throughout the day "who do you ride for ?"... and to which the little sweaty dirty riders reply JESUS! Get ready ladies because I'm bringing that slogan home with me to the BOLD bikes .

    See you all soon

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